XS Wireless Digital 声乐套装。包含 XSW-D XLR 母头发射器、XSW-D XLR 公头接收器、XS 1 心形动态声乐麦克风、麦克风夹和 USB-A 到 USB-B 充电线的一键式易用无线音频设备
物品号 508484

一键式易用无线音频设备利用数字传输无缝连接音频源。通过配备 XS 1 麦克风,这一出色的解决方案使捕捉无线声乐比以往更轻松,同时确保稳定的连接状态。

  • 一键式易用型

  • 2.4 GHz 数字传输,适合全球范围内使用

  • 最佳条件下可达 75 米(250 英尺)

  • 充一次电可用 5 小时

  • 可以让多个发射器与一个接收器连接,且可以在发射器之间切换

  • 配置发射器与接收器的任意组合

  • 无论通过发射器还是接收器都可以设置为静音


XS Wireless Digital使用2.4GHz传输频率来创建一个点对点的连接,从而取代了传统的线缆连接。只需将发射机插上任何一款动圈人声话筒,将接收机接入到调音台或是有源扩声音箱即可。当你看到发射机和接收机的绿灯亮起,就意味着信号已经连通。作为一个方便音乐人在舞台上移动演出的创新性解决方案,或是在排练室快速连接的解决方案,这款无线产品能够解除线缆对你的束缚,释放你的创造潜力。



每台XS Wireless Ditigal发射机和接收机都只有一个按键。按下按钮可以打开电源并且建立收发链接,按一下静音,按住不放关闭电源。还有,发射机和接收机都只有一个LED指示灯,用来指示无线链接的安全性或需要对电池进行充电。它们都没有用来进行设置的菜单项,因此不用担心繁琐的选择。基本上就和你平常用的线缆一样,只不过这根线缆只有插头,线缆部分用数字信号传输代替了。



XS Wireless Digital使用与WIFI相同的2.4GHz频率载波进行传输,因此可以全球通用。它们不需要通过扫描来选择可用的频率载波,系统会自动进行连接。这意味着你能够携带XSW-D去任何地方演出,而不用担心是否有外来干扰或信号衰落。只需打开它的开关开始演出即可。

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  • XSW-D XLR 母头发射器
  • XSW-D XLR 公头接收器
  • XS 1 心形动态声乐麦克风
  • 麦克风夹
  • USB-A 到 USB-C 充电线

Product Support Phone

Product Phone

  • How do I set up XS Wireless Digital for the first time?
    XS Wireless Digital systems come pre-paired from the factory, so you can take a new system out of the box, power it up and get right to work

  • How do I select a channel / frequency?
    XS Wireless Digital automatically selects its own frequency, and will automatically switch to a new frequency if interference is detected

  • How many systems can I run simultaneously?
    Up to five (5) systems can be used simultaneously.

  • How far can XS Wireless Digital transmit?
    Up to 75m (250 ft) under ideal operating conditions.

  • Will XS Wireless Digital warn me if I'm getting out of range?
    Yes. Both transmitter and receiver indicators will flash green and red to indicate you're almost out of range.

  • What is XS Wireless Digital's operating time?
    XS Wireless Digital provides up to 5 hours of operating time.

  • How do I re-charge my system's batteries?
    XS Wireless Digital's built-in lithium ion batteries can be charged by connecting the included charging cable to any USB-A equipped external charging device or computer.

  • Do I need to set my system's input and output levels?
    No, input and output levels have been pre-set to optimum levels - simply plug and play.

  • What do the different indicator colors mean when I power up my system?
    Battery status is indicated by color during power up.
    • Green: over 75% charge remaining
    • Yellow: less than 75% charge remaining
    • Red: less than 5% remaining
    • Blinking red: too low to operate

  • How do I monitor my remaining battery time during use?
    During operation, remaining battery time is shown on the indicator as follows:
    • Red & green blinking: less than 15% charge remaining
    • Rapid blinking, red only: less than 5% remaining

  • Can I buy additional components with different connectors to expand my system?
    Yes, you can purchase additional transmitters or receivers - sold separately - and then pair them to work with your existing system.

  • How do I pair an additional component to my existing system?
    Start with both devices powered off. Press and hold the power buttons on selected transmitter and receiver for (minimum of) 5 seconds to enable pairing on the devices.  Both indicators will flash green and red, then turn solid green when pairing is complete.

  • How many transmitters can I pair with my receiver?
    Up to four transmitters can be paired with a receiver. Note, only one transmitter may be used at a time.

  • Can I send audio from one transmitter to multiple receivers simultaneously?
    No, XS Wireless Digital creates a point-to-point paired connection between a single transmitter and single receiver.

  • The Portable ENG Set comes with two transmitters and one receiver. Can I use both transmitters simultaneously?
    No, only one transmitter can be connected to the receiver at a time. Both transmitters have been pre-paired to the receiver from the factory, enabling plug and play operation with either device.

  • Do I need a license to use this system?
    No, XS Wireless Digital operates in the 2.4GHz frequency range for worldwide license-free use.

  • I lost an accessory. Can I replace it?
    Yes, all XS Wireless Digital accessories are available separately. You can purchase additional transmitters and receivers, belt clips, camera adapters, and connecting cables as needed.

  • What kind of microphones can be used with the XLR plug-on transmitter?
    Any dynamic microphone (or battery-powered condenser microphone) will work with the XLR plug-on.

  • What kind of microphones can be used with the 3.5mm Mini Jack transmitter?
    The 3.5mm Mini Jack transmitter is compatible with most common lapel mics and headmics.

  • Will the Instrument Set work with all styles of guitar and bass pick-ups and plug-styles?
    The 6.3mm (1/4 inch) jack connector has a 90-degree range of motion, allowing it to be plugged into a wide range of instruments with side, top or even recessed input jacks.  In the event that the transmitter does not fit into a specific instrument, an extension cable is provided, which allows the transmitter to be clipped to the strap.

  • Can I use the Ci1 instrument cable with the 3.5mm input on the Mini Jack Transmitter?
    No, the Ci1 instrument cable (included in analog XS Wireless and evolution wireless instrument sets) is not compatible with XS Wireless Digital. For instrument connections via 6.3mm (1/4 inch) jack, please use the dedicated instrument transmitter.

  • Can I connect XS Wireless Digital to my computer via the USB cable?
    XS Wireless components can be charged via a computer's USB port, but audio is not passed to or from a computer via USB.

  • My audio is distorted, what should I do?
    In the unlikely event that your audio distorts, reduce the input level on your mixing board, DSLR camera or other external device. If your equipment offers choice of mic or line level, please select line. For devices offering mic level only, reducing input sensitivity will improve results.  XS Wireless Digital has been designed to provide a clean, robust output signal, but you may need to adjust your external device the default settings on to achieve the best results.


  • 锂离子电池的运输信息
    • Transport information for Lithium-Ion batteries (570 KB) 下载

      Revision Date: 2020-02-09 Revision Number: 1.0

  • 快速指南
    • Quick Guide XS Wireless Digital (1.3 MB) 下载

  • 使用说明书
    • Instruction manual - XS Wireless Digital (HTML) 下载

      Interactive instruction manual for all products of the Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital series.

    • Instruction manual - XS Wireless Digital (PDF) (10 MB) 下载

  • 规格表
    • Product Specification XS Wireless Digital Vocal Set (260 KB) 下载

  • 欧盟符合性声明
    • EU Declaration of Conformity XS Wireless Digital (580 KB) 下载

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    • Safety instructions, specifications and manufacturer declarations - XSW-D series (860 KB) 下载

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