About Xilica

Xilica® creates collaboration products that help unlock the power of human connection. Built on decades of reimagining how people use technology, Xilica’s solutions bridge the distance between individuals, teams, ideas and organizations — unleashing the power of understanding to transform business and society for the better. Through our focus on the enterprise, education and government markets, Xilica and its partners touch the daily lives of people in more than 100 countries.

Solution overview

Together, Sennheiser and Xilica are reimagining the collaboration space — combining the freedom of Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2's patented automatic beamforming technology with installed room systems from Xilica, enabling you to share what matters, in a way that works for you. As Xilica HearClear AEC eliminates echo, noise and artefacts on video calls, Sennheiser TruVoicelift technology creates clarity in busy spaces — while Xilica's automated PTZ camera tracking for the TCC2 keeps you both heard and seen. The power of Sennheiser microphone technology and Xilica's premium room systems combines in a no-code, easy-to-setup and simple-to-use integration that is now available, natively in Xilica software.

Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is available in Xilica Designer™ for room systems based around the following Xilica products:

Compatible Sennheiser Products

TeamConnect Ceiling 2

The new ceiling array microphone offers superior audio quality for voice and video conferences thanks to its automatic adaptive beamforming technology. It provides the greatest versatility and interoperability with Xilica products.