Current note: MobileConnect is not affected by the recently discovered and discussed log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).

MobileConnect 是一款輔助性個人聆聽解決方案,可透過 WiFi 將即時音訊內容傳輸到房間內的任何 iOS 或 Android 手機。

MobileConnect 由三個主要組件構成:MobileConnect Station 無疑是「音訊到網路的橋樑」,可在房間內收集音訊訊號並將其串流傳輸到任何選定的串流媒體網路。使用既有的 WiFi 存取點,將 MobileConnect 應用程式作為接收器,每個站點的訊號可供應最多 100 支智慧型手機。使用多個站點時,MobileConnect 管理器可作為所有 MobileConnect 站點的單一管理點使用。如不需要,MobileConnect 也可以在所謂的獨立模式下運作,此模式下可使用本地網路介面運作並管理單一 MobileConnect 站點。







MobileConnect 有兩種設定模式:輕便的獨立模式和完全整合且可擴充的管理器模式。可將任意數量的 MobileConnect 站點輕鬆整...

MobileConnect 有兩種設定模式:輕便的獨立模式和完全整合且可擴充的管理器模式。可將任意數量的 MobileConnect 站點輕鬆整合到現有音訊設定和網路環境,提供了所需的靈活性。由於可以隨時切換這兩種模式,因此可以毫不費力地擴充和更改系統,以滿足未來需求。



特別是在操作多個 MobileConnect 站點時,MobileConnect 管理器可幫助您遠端瞭解系統概況。MobileConnect 也...

特別是在操作多個 MobileConnect 站點時,MobileConnect 管理器可幫助您遠端瞭解系統概況。MobileConnect 也能免去繁瑣的任務,例如清潔、提供租用設備或電池充電,好讓您專注於重要的事情。甚至還可使用 MobileConnect API 將存取頻道所需的新 QR 代碼輕鬆整合到您的會議行事曆中。



借助 MobileConnect 管理器了解所有动态。
轻松将其他 MobileConnect 工作站添加至您的系统。
可在会议室内任意地点单独使用 MobileConnect。
MobileConnect API
自动执行任务,如通过专用的 API 重新生成二维码。
Dante 集成
充分发挥 Dante 数字音频的全部潜力。

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  • What application is MobileConnect made for?

    • The main application of MobileConnect is assistive listening.

      The aim is an uncomplicated and full inclusion of people hard of hearing. The “Bring-Your-Own-Device” concept brings the audio stream directly to a user’s personal smartphone making it easily accessible and intuitive to use. The two biggest benefits are that the person hard of hearing does not have to ask for a specific receiver device and that this person can sit wherever the WiFi is.

      Besides assistive listening the system can also be used for interpretation applications because it is scalable in terms of provided audio channels.

  • How does it work?

    • The MobileConnect Station works as an audio streaming server within the network. It picks up an audio signal (XLR or DANTE) and bridges it to a LAN for being further distributed via WiFi to the personal smartphone running the MobileConnect app (iOS & Android).

  • How many end-users can listen to an audio stream simultaneously?

    • One MobileConnect Station supports 100 simultaneous listeners. This means either 100 listeners for one channel or in total 100 listeners for two channels per Station, e.g 60/40 or 80/20.

      The MobileConnect system is highly scalable and so multiple MobileConnect Stations can be used at the same time if more simultaneous listeners or audio channels are required.

  • How many audio channels are available on one MobileConnect Station?

    • Two channels (Mono or Stereo) are available. The audio signal can be fed into analog (XLR) or via DANTE.

  • Is Sennheiser MobileConnect ADA compliant?

    • Yes, read our full statement on ADA compliance here.

  • How can it be integrated into my auditorium, venue or meeting room?

    • The most simple integration setup is shown in the picture below - the so called “Standalone Mode”. An audio source is connected to the MobileConnect Station via DANTE or XLR analog. The MobileConnect Station is connected to the WiFi network over the “PoE/Stream” LAN port.

      The local Admin interface for configuration can be reached over the “Ctrl” LAN port from your browser at the address .

      As soon as the MobileConnect app on a smartphone scans the QR-Code it will establish a streaming connection to the MobileConnect Station and so will receive the audio content.

  • Does the system provide a WiFi network?

    • No, the WiFi network needs to be in place. Detailed WiFi requirements can be found here.

      If you want to set up a dedicated WiFi network for Sennheiser MobileConnect, please contact a professional IT integrator.

  • How does the end-user listen to the audio stream?

    • To activate the audio stream via the MobileConnect app, the end-users smartphone must be connected to the same WiFi where the MobileConnect system is integrated in.

      The end-user can connect to a location specific audio channel by the following three methods:

      1. browsing the channel list within the app (if not hidden)

      2. scanning a specific channel QR-Code

      3. typing in manually a channel ID

      Lastly, the end-user can listen to the audio stream over wired headphones that are connected to the smartphone. It is also possible to listen directly over the hearing aids or the cochlea implant in T-Position with the combination of an induction neck loop that is connected to the smartphone.

  • Is there a delay/latency in the audio transmission?

    • The following latency can be expected with the system:

      - On iOS devices the latency is 50-55ms

      - On mid-range to high-end Android devices (Wifi 5/ac & Android Version >9) the latency is 50-65ms

  • Which smartphones are recommended to use with MobileConnect?

    • In terms of Android we recommend to use mid-range or high-end devices that support Android Version >9 and WiFi ac. For iOS we recommend all devices that support iOS version >13.

      In the following you can find a list of selected devices that we can recommend in terms of audio stability and latency:


      iPhone 8 - present

      iPod Touch (7th Gen.)


      Google Pixel 3 - present

      Samsung S-Series 8 - present

      Samsung Note Series 8 - present

  • Which headphones do you recommend, and which induction neck loop do you recommend?

  • Is it also possible to use headphones or hearing aids connected via Bluetooth?

    • Yes, this is possible, but the current Bluetooth technology (< Version 5.2) does not provide ultra low latency audio transmission. This means that with Bluetooth connection the audio transmission won’t be lip-sync.

  • What if the smartphone does not provide a 3.5 mm headphone jack?

  • Can I customize the app with my own logo or color?

    • No.

  • Is there an SDK (Software Development Kit) for implementation into my own app available?

    • No.

  • Is the receiver app available as a browser add-on?

    • No, the app is only available for iOS, MacOS (M1), iPadOS and Android devices.

  • Is it possible to secure an audio channel?

    • Yes, it is possible to change the QR code / Channel ID of a channel at any time. After a change, each current listener will be disconnected from the channel and can only log in again with the newly created QR code / Channel ID.

      In addition, it is also possible to set a dedicated PIN code for each channel.

  • Does the system require an internet connection?

    • The MobileConnect system itself only requires internet connectivity when it is used in the so called “Manager Mode” because the MobileConnect Manager handles the authentication and updates over the cloud.

      In “Standalone Mode” the MobileConnect system does not require an internet connection.

      For the end-users smartphone we recommend to offer an internet connection on the WiFi-side because some smartphones will automatically disconnect from a WiFi that is not providing internet connectivity and this will lead to audio dropouts.

  • Can I use my old CinemaConnect system with the new MobileConnect App?

    • Yes, the MobileConnect App supports CinemaConnect systems including subtitles.


  • 电子宣传册
    • Digital Brochure MobileConnect (2.8 MB) 下载

    • MobileConnect E-Book 下载

  • User Guide & Documentation
    • User Guide & Documentation - MobileConnect 下载

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  • Privacy & Cookies
    • Privacy and Cookies - MobileConnect 下载

  • Terms of Use
    • Terms of Use - MobileConnect 下载

  • 欧盟符合性声明
    • EU Declaration of Conformity - MobileConnect Station (890 KB) 下载

  • 规格表
    • MobileConnect System Specification (250 KB) 下载

  • Compliance Statement
    • ADA Compliancy Statement for Sennheiser MobileConnect (77 KB) 下载

  • Wall signs
    • Wall sign - MobileConnect (2.4 MB) 下载

  • 3rd Party Integration
    • 3rd Party Plugins – MobileConnect 下载


Sennheiser MobileConnect-实现在影院、剧场和音乐厅演出中易于使用的创新性助听系统。请填写下面的表格来了解MobileConnect是如何为新的观众实现助听功能的。



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