MobileConnect – now with talk-back feature

Intuitive interaction and accessibility via your personal smart device – connect with your audience like never before.

MobileConnect is an innovative, scalable and smartphone-based audio accessibility solution that seamlessly connects you and your audience. It consists of three main components: The easily-integrated MobileConnect Station, the smartphone-based MobileConnect App (available for iOS and Android), and MobileConnect Manager.

Designed with IT in mind and easily integrated into your facility's WiFi Network, the MobileConnect Station receives and distributes low-latency audio between the presenter and up to 100 MobileConnect App-enabled smartphones. The App’s intuitive interface, assistive and focused listening capabilities, and Audience Mic talk-back feature include your entire audience in the conversation. And the MobileConnect Manager software is a secure, single point of administration for environments requiring scalability and using multiple MobileConnect Stations.

With the full MobileConnect system, your entire audience will listen, respond, and interact effortlessly and in real time. It eliminates hygiene concerns of shared equipment and installing the entire MobileConnect system is fast and intuitive for your IT and AV teams.

MobileConnect consists of three main components: The MobileConnect Station is the "audio-to-network bridge" that picks up the audio signal in the room and streams it to any preferred streaming network. Using the pre-existing WiFi access points, the signal is provided to up to 100 smartphones per Station, using the MobileConnect App as a receiver. When using multiple Stations, the MobileConnect Manager can be used as the single point of administration for all MobileConnect Stations. If not needed, MobileConnect can also be operated in the so-called Standalone Mode, where single MobileConnect Stations can be run and administered using a local web interface.


Listen your way

MobileConnect’s assistive listening capabilities and Audience Mic connec...

MobileConnect’s assistive listening capabilities and Audience Mic connect you and your entire audience. Best of all, your audience can access it all with the smartphone in their pockets. The listening experience is individually customizable and available anywhere in the room. Its discreet design also works with participants’ personal induction neck loops, headphones and hearing aids.


Scalable System Adapts to You

MobileConnect adapts to your needs with management tools that handle any...

MobileConnect adapts to your needs with management tools that handle anything from single-room installations to large-scale deployments. We also engineered this secure system around IT standards for easy integration and day-to-day use.


Focus, Talk, and Interact

MobileConnect’s assistive listening and talk-back capabilities include y...

MobileConnect’s assistive listening and talk-back capabilities include your entire audience in the conversation. With all of this in one secure system, MobileConnect is ideal for many different educational and corporate applications.



Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
The app-based design turns audiences' smartphones into personal microphones and assistive listening devices.
True, Discreet Inclusion
Trusted, low-profile audio accessibility through personal induction neck loops, headphones, and hearing aids.
Live Audience Engagement
Talk-back functionality allows local and remote participants to respond, listen, and interact from anywhere in the room.
Individually Optimized Listening
The app’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to optimize their listening experience.
App Customization
Customize your users' experience with personalized app design and onboarding screens.
Quick and Flexible Access
Your audience can access their preferred audio stream quickly, easily and in a way that works for them.
Low-latency Audio
Enjoy clear, precise audio from anywhere in the room.
Secure Streaming Access
You decide which streaming channels are available and how they are accessed.
Intuitive System Management
The MobileConnect Manager keeps everything in view and at your fingertips.
3rd-party Plugin Integration
Connects to 3rd-party user control systems through Crestron, Extron, QSC plugins or other systems using the MobileConnect API.
Scalable To Your Needs
Effortlessly adapt the system to your needs, facility and audience.
Dante Integration
Implement decentralized installments and hybrid deployments via Dante audio distribution.

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For the most up-to-date FAQ, as well as other useful information covering all things MobileConnect, please visit MobileConnect Documentation App.


  • 电子宣传册
    • Digital Brochure MobileConnect (8.7 MB) 下载

  • User Guide & Documentation
    • User Guide & Documentation - MobileConnect 下载

    • Network Setup Whitepaper - MobileConnect 下载

  • Privacy & Cookies
    • Privacy and Cookies - MobileConnect 下载

  • Terms of Use
    • Terms of Use - MobileConnect 下载

  • 欧盟符合性声明
    • EU Declaration of Conformity - MobileConnect Station (890 KB) 下载

  • 规格表
    • MobileConnect System Specification (260 KB) 下载

  • Compliance Statement
    • ADA Compliancy Statement for Sennheiser MobileConnect (77 KB) 下载

  • Wall signs
    • Wall sign - MobileConnect Live Audience Engagement (1.5 MB) 下载

    • Wall Signs - MobileConnect Assistive Listening (1.5 MB) 下载

  • 3rd Party Integration
    • 3rd Party Plugins – MobileConnect 下载


Everyone deserves access to the tools for success. MobileConnect provides them with a discreet, smartphone-based accessibility solution. Contact us today to learn more.



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