About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world and a leader in the development of electronic technologies and solutions for consumers and business customers. A wide range of products are manufactured under the Panasonic brand to enhance and enrich lifestyles all around the globe.

Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV offers high quality products through “Smart Live Production” for the production market, and also a wide range of solutions for the AV and Corporate markets. This solutions go beyond simply making great products : they aim at enhancing the usability of its products, making integration into pre-existing systems easier and providing major efficiencies to our customers. Our portfolio consists of PTZ and system cameras, camcorders, Kairos IT/IP platform, switchers and robotic solutions that are widely used for live events, sports production, television, and xR studios. Panasonics range of specialized PTZ cameras are designed for broadcasting, streaming, remote interpretation and videoconferencing.

Voice Based PTZ Control

When using Panasonic PTZ cameras with Sennheiser microphones for audio-based tracking, the PTZ cameras can automatically switch focus between different speakers. With automated and smooth camera panning, it’s ideal for online conferences, training courses or lectures when questions are asked from the floor, or a new person speaks at the conference table for example.
The solution uses Panasonic PTZ cameras, TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphones from Sennheiser and a special module development from Systemhaus Pauly. They are managed centrally by a controller via the network, using a media control system such as the CP3 from Crestron.

Voice Based PTZ Control

Solution Diagrams


Audio-based tracking opens up a range of new possibilities and can be used in conjunction with Panasonic’s existing Auto-Tracking Software (AW-SF100 / AW-SF200). The systems are complimentary with each other, for example at a conference when a main speaker can be recorded via auto-tracking by a PTZ camera while other participants are filmed with a second camera when they speak using audio-based tracking.


The settings for the audio-tracking can be adjusted individually and saved as a preset. For example, priority can be given to individuals to avoid unintentional panning to conversations in the audience. Clip-on microphones can also be integrated into the AV recording schedule and prioritised accordingly. A slight time delay can also be set for the PTZ camera, so that it only pans once there is a permanent audio signal.


  • Panasonic PTZ Camera

    • Sennheiser TCC2 to Panasonic PTZ Camera

  • Crestron-Makro Audiotracking

    • pmt_TCC_to_CAM-Demo-v1_8-RMC4.zip (39.397 Kb)