About Crestron

Crestron builds technology that integrates technology. The automation and control solutions for homes and buildings let people control entire environments with the push of a button, integrating systems such as AV, lighting, shading, security, BMS and HVAC to provide greater comfort, convenience and security. All of the products are designed and built to work together as a complete system, enabling to monitor, manage and control everything from one platform.

Channel Strip AVIA

All relevant Sennheiser Microphones are included as pre-defined Channel Strips in the latest AVIA tool. They come with optimized gain and if relevant EQ settings to speed up the setup procedure of an AVIA system even further.


Voice Based PTZ Control

When using Panasonic PTZ cameras with Sennheiser microphones for audio-based tracking, the PTZ cameras can automatically switch focus between different speakers. With automated and smooth camera panning, it’s ideal for online conferences, training courses or lectures when questions are asked from the floor, or a new person speaks at the conference table for example.
The solution uses Panasonic PTZ cameras, TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphones from Sennheiser and a special module development from Systemhaus Pauly. They are managed centrally by a controller via the network, using a media control system such as the CP3 from Crestron.

Voice Based PTZ Control

Compatible Sennheiser Products

TeamConnect Ceiling 2

The new ceiling array microphone offers superior audio quality for voice and video conferences thanks to its automatic adaptive beamforming technology. It provides the greatest versatility and interoperability with module from Crestron.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless

Sennheiser SpeechLine Digital Wireless work seamlessly with Mediacontrol Protocol documentation, Control & Fusion Plug-in from Crestron, making the microphone easy to operate even in the most challenging environments.

G4 - 300 and 500 series

Sennheiser G4 wireless microphones work seamlessly with Crestron media controllers, making the microphone easy to operate even in the most challenging environments.


  • TCP/IP Module

    • This is the module for Sennheiser TCC2. The following products are supported by the module:

      - TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2)
      - SpeechLine Digital Multichannel Receiver (SL MCR 2 & SL MCR 4)
      - SpeechLine Digital Wireless Microphone Receivers (SL Rack Receiver)
      - SpeechLine Digital Wireless Network Charger (CHG 4N & CHG 2N)

  • Panasonic PTZ Camera

    • Sennheiser TCC2 to Panasonic PTZ Camera


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