便携式数字UHF接收器,可搭配EW-D SK腰包式、EW-D SKM-S手持式和EW-DP SKP插入式发射器使用。

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  • EW-DP EK数字便携式单通道接收器
  • 安装套件(多孔转接板、冷靴、腰带夹和螺钉)
  • BA 70锂离子电池和(2)AA电池
  • 将锁扣3.5 mm TRS插头转3.5 mm TRS插头电缆
  • 将锁扣3.5 mm TRS插头转XLR插头电缆
  • USB-C充电线
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  • 规格表
  • Instruction Manual & Frequently asked questions
    • 使用说明书 & 常见提问 - Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D | EW-DX | EW-DP) (HTML) 下载

    • Instruction manual and frequently asked questions - Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D | EW-DX | EW-DP) (PDF) (24 MB) 下载

      This PDF document is a PDF export of an interactive manual in HTML format. When displayed in PDF format, it is possible that not all content and interactive elements in the HTML instructions are included, as these cannot be displayed in PDF format. We recommend using the complete and interactive HTML instructions. You can find these in the Sennheiser Documentation App, which is available free of charge for iOS and Android. Alternatively, the HTML instructions are also available in this download area.

  • 频率表
    • Sennheiser Frequency Ranges ITU Region 1 Europa (57 KB) 下载

  • 欧盟符合性声明
    • EU Declaration of Conformity EW-DP EK (1000 KB) 下载

  • Mounting Instructions
    • Mounting Guide EW-DP EK (1.1 MB) 下载

  • 快速指南
    • Quick Guide EW-DP EK (3.6 MB) 下载

  • 安全提示和监管信息
    • Comliance Sheet - EW-DP (3 MB) 下载

    • Safety Guide - EW-DP (2.7 MB) 下载