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X-Inc future-proofs new office with Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2


In Dec 2019, X-Inc shifted to its brand-new headquarters XPACE – a food innovation facility with vertically integrated spaces for ideation, testing, manufacturing, and logistics. The culinary hub consists of a comprehensive suite of co-working spaces amongst other facilities and needed to be adequately equipped with the proper infrastructure to facilitate business meetings and discussions. With the increasing importance of teleconferencing, X-Inc started to look for partners that could improve the audio and conferencing capabilities of one of the larger boardrooms.


X-Inc selected the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) microphone to capture audio effectively in the office boardroom. The ceiling microphone ensured that meeting participants present in the office could be heard clearly by other participants who were dialing in remotely.

X-Inc future-proofs new office with Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2

In the past, X-Inc employees had to conduct their business meetings and discussions with either a conference phone or Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone as the old office space did not have a boardroom equipped for teleconferencing. With the move to their new headquarters, their new office had a large boardroom that could accommodate more employees while conferencing remote participants. However, relying on the office phone or laptop built-in microphone affected the quality and efficiency of the business meetings due to poor audio quality. This meant that information and ideas could not be communicated clearly and very often, employees had to raise their voices and repeat themselves which was inefficient and disruptive.

  • Customer X-Inc Pte Ltd
  • Products installed TeamConnect Ceiling 2
  • 网站 www.x-incgroup.com
  • Country Singapore
  • Industry Food & Beverage
  • Profile X-Inc is the parent of a group of companies that has been in the food business since the 1930s. Covering businesses from foodservice and retail to logistics and property, X-Inc is propelled by its purpose of bringing dreams to life. It is a transformational leader that builds connections across the entire food industry to help all fulfil their aspirations and dreams.

When X-Inc was looking for a solution, Neo Kwok Siang, Digitalisation Lead of X-Inc spoke to Electro-Acoustics Systems Pte Ltd (EAS) as part of their selection process. EAS is Singapore’s leading system integrator and they readily provided a few solutions according to X-Inc’s business needs. After going through the demonstrations, Sennheiser’s TCC2 was selected for its audio quality and useful applications in meetings and conferences. The ceiling microphone was installed within a week by EAS and Kwok Siang highlighted that it was a smooth and pleasant process.

Sennheiser’s TCC2 solved X-Inc’s problem of having to deal with poor audio quality. The sensitivity and voice pick-up of the ceiling microphone is excellent and all meeting participants could be heard clearly regardless of where they are in the boardroom. Hygiene risk was greatly reduced as there was no longer a need to share or pass around equipment. The staff also gave feedback that TCC2 was easy to use when setting up for conferences.

The installation of TCC2 at XPACE was truly special as the organization had been considering the solution since 2020. Unfortunately, the project was delayed due to the pandemic. The installation was therefore highly anticipated as this was the first high-end audio equipment purchased and installed by the company after the move.

“I would like to say a big thank you to Sennheiser for producing such high-quality products and to EAS for ensuring that the installation process was smooth and fuss free.”

- Neo Kwok Siang, Digitalisation Lead of X-Inc -

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