PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk

PT Medco Energi Internasional TBK employs Sennheiser technology for a wireless and high-quality audio experience

The Challenge:

PT Medco was dealing with some common issues across all its meeting rooms. The company’s conferencing set-up used to be placed on the tables, and this included boundary and wired handheld microphones, speakers and even camcorders for their video conferencing function. This set-up, coupled with employees’ laptops as well as cables and wires that run across the table, created a lot of clutter and employees would often spill their beverages during meetings as a result. This is not only hazardous but also caused a lot of disruption to meetings.
The audio quality of the previous audio system was also less than satisfactory. Participants often had to pass around a wired microphone or had to move themselves closer to the boundary microphone which was inconvenient and a huge hygiene risk.
Some employees event resorted to using their laptop microphone in the meeting room to communicate with online participants. All these issues were affecting the conferencing experience for participants on-site and those connecting virtually.

The Solution:

12 units of Sennheiser TCC2 were installed across 12 meeting rooms in PT Medco’s office.

PT Medco Energi Internasional TBK employs Sennheiser technology for a wireless and high-quality audio experience

“We received really good feedback from employees on how they are enjoying the convenience as well as the great audio quality. We enjoyed working with Sennheiser and PT. Intav Prima Solusindo and we look forward to working on future projects together.”

- Fredyan, Office Service & Maintenance Lead, PT Medco -

  • Customer PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk
  • Products installed TeamConnect Ceiling 2
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  • Country Indonesia
  • Industry Energy
  • Profile MedcoEnergi is a leading Indonesia-based energy and natural resources company that is focused on three key business segments: Oil & Gas, Clean Power and Copper Mining. MedcoEnergi explores and produces oil and gas primarily in Indonesia and is expanding its presence in Southeast Asia. With over 5000 employees in Indonesia, the company sit in a 1,800 sqm office space meeting rooms of different sizes that spread across the 33rd, 38th and 55th floor of their office. The small meeting rooms can accommodate up to 12 participants and are typically used for meetings and discussions. There are 6 adjacent meeting rooms on the 33rd floor that can also be combined into a large conference room to accommodate up to 250 participants. This is usually used for large conferences, townhalls and functions.

Clutter-free meeting space with excellent audio quality

The TeamConnect Ceiling 2 proved to be the perfect solution for PT Medco. The patented beamforming technology picks up the active speaker’s voice quickly and could capture participants’ voice regardless of where they are seated in the room. With the TruVoicelift functionality, employees no longer need to raise their voices during meetings. It is also possible to define advance exclusion zones and priority zones within the meeting room to eliminate unwanted background noise.

The installation was smooth and even though the audio tuning process was challenging, the appointed integrator PT Intav Prima Solusindo handled it well. The integrator also pre-programmed a setting to link 6 ceiling microphones into a single system to ensure a seamless experience for end users when the rooms are combined.

“We are really impressed with the outcome of the installation and the audio quality of TCC2. This is a truly wireless and contactless solution which solved the clutter issues and also elevated both in-room and remote conferencing meeting experience. After experiencing TCC2, we are now even considering to install ceiling microphones in our executives’ office in the future,” said Fredyan, Office Service & Maintenance Lead, PT Medco.

With the upgrade of the audio and conferencing solutions in 12 meeting rooms, PT Medco saw an uptake in the booking and usage of the meeting rooms. The new set-up is also easy and straightforward hence employees no longer need to request for IT support each time they operate the system.

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