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Sennheiser’s Business Communication portfolio displayed at LG Information Display Business Innovation Center (LG ID BIC)

LG and Sennheiser are no strangers. Back in 2018 when Sennheiser Asia shifted to their new office, LG digital displays were deployed in the meeting spaces and service centre. Therefore, when LG had a project to build a next generation digital meeting space leveraging on the best equipment for presentation and video conferencing solution, Sennheiser was one of the brands invited to be part of the LG Information Display Business Innovation Centre (ID BIC).

  • Customer LG Electronic Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Products installed 2 units of TCC 2, 1 unit of MobileConnect and 2 channels of SpeechLine Digital Wireless (1 handheld, 1 lavalier)
  • 网站 https://www.lg.com/sg
  • Country Singapore
  • Industry Electronics
  • Profile LG Electronics (LG) is a multi-national electronics manufacturing company head-quartered in South Korea. The organisation’s production plants, sales offices and R&D facilities span across 128 countries, while annual revenue stands at USD 56 Billion. LG Information Display business unit is renowned for quality and innovative products which customers leverage on to create immersive, next generation meeting spaces and digital display solutions.

Demand for conferencing & presentation solutions

Corporate workspaces and meeting rooms are constantly evolving, where organisations are building more collaborative huddle spaces. The demand for an out-of-box, easy to use and fast to deploy solution is increasing to mitigate the common pain points of compatibility issues, complex connections and calibration problems. LG fully understands this and seeks to bring more value to their customers. Part of the conferencing and presentation experience is to ensure that audio is captured perfectly by Sennheiser microphones.

LG ID Business Innovation Centre (ID BIC)

The objective of LG ID BIC is to showcase the best brands to build a meeting room, with equipment such as video switchers, control system speakers, amplifiers, digital signal processors and high-fidelity microphones. LG ID BIC will be utilized for LG’s social events while delivering the ultimate user experience for end-users and partners that visit. With the assistance of Sennheiser equipment, LG can simulate an auditorium experience as well.

Sennheiser’s Business Communication portfolio

The TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphones will be essential in capturing the audio during a video conferencing session or presentation in the LG ID BIC. This set up is dynamic as it provides the presenter an option of a handheld microphone or utilizing a lavalier to allow for hands-free operation. If multiple participants are expected to speak during a video conference, the ceiling microphone’s automatic beamforming voice-tracking technology allows participants to speak freely without having to raise or project their voice.
The MobileConnect displays Sennheiser’s capabilities in assistive listening, where users can connect to the network easily through WiFi on their phone to be part of the video conference or presentation.


With a one-week timeline, the Sennheiser Pro Audio Solutions Team, led by Faz Salleh (Senior Consultant) and Shawn Tan (Product Manager) coordinated with Desmond Toh (Project Lead) and various stakeholders from LG to ensure a swift installation. Two units of TeamConnect Ceiling 2, one unit of MobileConnect and two channels of SpeechLine Digital Wireless (1 handheld, 1 lavalier) were successfully integrated into LG ID BIC.

„LG is proud to build the next generation of meeting spaces with Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2, SpeechLine Digital Wireless and MobileConnect.”

- Julian Lim, Regional Business Development, Asia -