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A Ceiling Microphone for the Coworking Lounge


The Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz in Zurich was designed according to the highest sustainability and design standards. These requirements of the highest design quality made it essential to have equipment with modern media technology. The acoustics, light and indoor climate of the multifunctional conference room are just as important as its freely combinable furniture.


Clients are impressed with the patented beamforming technology and other outstanding features of the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2, and its restrained design makes for a tidy and elegant effect.

A Ceiling Microphone for the Coworking Lounge

“The Sennheiser ceiling microphone was recommended to us as a benchmark for conference rooms. Voice quality is excellent and fully meets the high standards that Tessinerplatz aims to offer its management-level clients.”

- Fabio Donnaloia, Co-Founder in the Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz -

At Tessinerplatz in Zurich, a new Coworking Space is generating enthusiasm. Designed with special consideration for the criteria of sustainability, this exceptionally high-quality ambience makes you feel good straight away. Equipment with modern media technology is a must-have in the Coworking Lounge. A Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone array with DSP matrixing and patented beamforming technology ensures the best possible speech intelligibility for video and audio conferences and thus an inspiring work environment.

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  • Profile The lounge room designed by Emilie Etesi, Marco Jakob, Matthias Tobler and Peter Schiffhauer became the Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz. In this joint initiative of Village Office and Swiss Life, we share a passion for collaboration and growth - in a new place where we can work comfortably and where we feel at home. With experts, lateral thinkers, networkers and creatives from the German and Swiss start-up scene and the enthusiasm for sustainability topics and the curiosity for progress, you are driven to share values and break new ground together.

Space for innovation and dynamism

Measuring more than 500 m² and located in the center of the beating heart of Zurich, the Tessinerplatz Coworking Lounge promises unlimited possibilities for creativity. “Sustainability and design aspects were important anchor points in the design”, explains Pascal Scheidegger, founder and managing director of architecture firm konzeptS.

Various Coworking Spaces are available, but also meeting rooms suitable for larger gatherings as well as areas for events and workshops. Integral parts of the provision also include a publicly accessible coffee bar (“Coworking, Coffee, Community”) as well as meeting and relaxation areas. The investor the Tessinerplatz Coworking Lounge is Swiss Life AG and the operator is Home of Coworking GmbH.

Meetings with the latest media technology

The largest room available in the Tessinerplatz Coworking Lounge is called Mercato and can be used flexibly. There is space for up to 30 people, depending on the seating arrangement, over an area of 53 m², and each person can access modern digital work equipment such as a large touch screen with smartboard functionality. Naturally, the conference room comes equipped with first-class video conference technology. In addition to a camera, screen, codec and line array speakers, it also includes a Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2, which is suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the room. The ceiling is equipped with a large number of lights. The pioneering Sennheiser ceiling microphone was supplied, installed and set up by the Swiss company Supravision AG.

The philosophy: simple not complicated

Given that quality “without frills” was the top priority during the planning of the multifunctional Mercato conference room, the acoustics, light, and indoor climate had to be just as convincing as the freely combinable furniture. The media technology equipment, in which the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 plays a decisive role, is equally exquisite.

With its 28 permanently polarized electret condenser capsules, the microphone array covers the entire room, and its discrete appearance makes for a tidy and elegant effect. During the video conference, the microphones neither conceal the faces of the participants nor do they interfere with the microphone units or microphone spiders on the tables. The Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 means no more cables lying around that only create tripping hazards. Interaction with the line array speakers installed on the side of the screen works feedback-free, and speech intelligibility is described as excellent by the video conference participants on the other side.

“The first choice for conferences!”

“Since we knew nothing about audio technology, it was difficult for us to choose a suitable microphone solution - all we wanted was that the technology worked in a simple way and produced good quality,” explains Fabio Donnaloia, co-founder of the Tessinerplatz Coworking Lounge. “The Sennheiser ceiling microphone was recommended to us as a benchmark for conference rooms. The voice quality is superb and fully meets the high standards that Tessinerplatz aims to provide its management-level clients. The digital technology of the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is state of the art. It is easy to use and beautifully designed.”

Viviane Mathieu, Assistant Real Estate Portfolio Management at Swiss Life Asset Management, who is a regular guest in the Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz, reports on her positive experiences with the new technology. “We often hold online meetings in the Mercato room. As the microphone array covers the entire room, our meeting participants can move around the room freely. Even when working on the digital whiteboard, there is no impairment of sound quality. Whether there are two or twenty people in the room - it works!”

Co-founder Fabio Donnaloia knows that a meeting room is always well received if it works according to the plug-and-play principle. “You just enter the room and no time is wasted because everything works immediately. In the Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz we now have clients who are tried and tested fans of the ceiling microphone. Initial skepticism gave way to the realization that the product is very high quality and extremely easy to use.” Viviane Mathieu confirms this observation: “We receive consistently good feedback from the other side of the video conference. Even if two people are speaking at the same time, the sound quality is not affected in any way. You can always hear us clearly.” Fabio Donnaloia adds with a smile: “It is actually surprising how well the interlocutors on the other side understand us - something which is not always necessarily the case going the other direction...” That’s why for Donnaloia, the ceiling microphone is “the first choice for conferences”.

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