The CHG 2 charger makes battery management really easy. The mobile transmitters, while not in use, are charged in the two charging bays. Thus, the devices are always ready-to-use when needed. The bi-color LED provides the status (charging or fully charged). For seamless installation, the external power supply provides the necessary flexibility.


  • Two bay charger for SL DW and AVX

  • Universal charging slots for either bodypack or handheld

  • External DC adaptor


  • CHG 2
  • Power Supply


  • 重量
    approx. 375 g (without power supply unit)
  • 工作温度
    0 °C to 45 °C (32 °F to 113 °F)
  • 输出电压
    5 V
  • 电源电压
    12 V
  • 充电电流
    max. 2 x 1000 mA

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BIMobject® - planning relevant information

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  • 使用说明书
    • Instruction manual SpeechLine Digital Wireless (PDF) (15 MB) 下载

      Printable PDF version of the interactive system documentation of the SpeechLine Digital Wireless series.

    • Instruction manual SpeechLine Digital Wireless (HTML) 下载

      Information on the SpeechLine Digital Wireless system and instructions on how to install and operate the components of SpeechLine Digital Wireless

  • 规格表
    • Product Specification - CHG 2 (360 KB) 下载

    • System Specification - SpeechLine Digital Wireless (1.4 MB) 下载

  • 快速指南
    • Quick Guide CHG 2 (2.4 MB) 下载

  • 技术图纸
    • Outline dimensions CHG 2 (DWG) (1.4 MB) 下载

    • Outline dimensions CHG 2 (DXF) (6 MB) 下载

    • 3D model CHG 2 (17 MB) 下载

  • 欧盟符合性声明
    • EU Declaration of conformity ew D1 series (220 KB) 下载

    • EU Declaration of conformity - SpeechLine Digital Wireless (970 KB) 下载



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