MKE 600
物品号 505453

MKE 600是理想的摄影机/便携式摄像机话筒,甚至能应对苛刻的电影级挑战。由于它的高定向性,MKE 600拾取来自摄像机所指方向的声音,有效地减弱了来自侧向和后方的噪声。此外,可开关的“Low Cut”滤波器能使风噪声减到最少。
因为一些摄影机/便携式摄像机不提供幻象电源,所以MKE 600也可以使用电池供电。电池ON/OFF开关可防止电池过早消耗;“Low Batt”为低电量指示。

Experience the Sennheiser Difference

Experience the Sennheiser Difference

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  • MKE 600枪式话筒
  • MZS 600 减震支架
  • MZW 600海绵防风罩
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  • 话筒保护袋

Product Support Phone

Product Phone

  • Will the MKE 600 plug into my iPhone?
    Yes. The MKE 600 has a standard XLR connection. Sennheiser offers a specialized cable (KA 600i) that is designed specifically to match the wiring configuration utilized by Apple devices.

  • How does the MKE 600 connect to my recording device?

    The MKE 600 has a standard XLR connection. If you are connecting to a recording device like a camera with a 3.5mm MIC input then you would use the Sennheiser KA 600 cable. If you are connecting to a recording device with an XLR MIC input then you would use a standard XLR to XLR audio cable.

  • Why does the LED on my MKE 600 come on briefly and then go off?
    The power indicator light on the MKE 600 is designed to come on briefly to indicate that the microphone powered on but then the LED goes out to conserve battery power.

  • What should I do if the LED on my MKE 600 remains lit up?
    If the LED power indicator remains lit that indicates a low battery and the battery should be changed.

  • How long will the battery of the MKE 600 last?
    A single AA battery will provide approximately 150 hours of operating time.


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