Developer Portrait: Eric Tarr

I am developing an app for the AMBEO Smart Headset to simulate the sound of impaired hearing for auditory research. This app recreates the experience of listening with either hearing aids or cochlear implants. By using this system for scientific research, there is the potential to discover new ways to improve perceptual outcomes for listeners with a hearing impairment. Prior to the AMBEO Smart Headset, there was nothing nearly as elegant for doing this type of simulation binaurally and in real-time. This system opens up many new opportunities for signal processing and raises the possibility for more realistic results. I am excited about using this headset for my own research and to see how other researchers use it in their own auditory experiments. Furthermore, I hope it can be used for educational purposes with hearing loss prevention and as a experiential resource for audiologists to use in the clinic.

Dr. Eric Tarr is a professor of Audio Engineering Technology at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to his research on auditory perception, he teaches classes on computer programming and digital signal processing. Resources related to his research and teaching can be found at: