The sound of AR/MR

What you see in augmented reality is only part of the experience. To create a truly immersive and compelling journey, we believe in augmenting what you hear in addition to what you see.

At Sennheiser AMBEO we push the boundaries of spatial audio with the mission to create compelling audible AR experiences. By blending virtual 3D sound with your real acoustic world with our unique software and hardware tools, you will finally have full control over your AR/MR experiences. Your world, your sound rules.

Create with AMBEO AR One

In collaboration with Magic Leap

Behind every thrilling spatial computing experience is the sharp, sustained focus of developers and creators, who skillfully bring together the latest in visual and audio technology. Sennheiser’s new AMBEO AR One in-ear headphones have been designed to empower creators to craft experiences where real-world sound can now be blended with virtual audio – all while protecting the privacy of their work. Fully equipped to complement the mixed reality glasses from Magic Leap, these in-ear headphones will allow you to listen to a world that plays by your rules.

Create with AMBEO AR One

Enter Transparent Hearing

You can choose how much outside sound blends into your Augmented Audio experience with our Transparent Hearing feature. By mixing the right level of external acoustic environment with your virtual audio world, you have the option to create truly immersive and social experiences.

The AMBEO AR One is equipped with Transparent Hearing mode. At the touch of a button you can choose how much of the outside sound world, captured through its omni-directional microphones, blends into
your augmented audio experience. The headphones complement the AR experience by replicating spatial effects with incredible realism, helping to perceive and locate virtual sounds with pinpoint accuracy.
Shut out distracting external noise to focus on your audio content undisturbed. This means you have more control over your audio content, while also choosing to tune in the real world contemporarily.

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Enter Transparent Hearing


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